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E-learning and online live classes platform, aimed at making it easier to acquire in-demand skills in various relevant software. Fabermate is your go-to stop for first hand experience from seasoned architects who can share their knowledge with a practical perspective. Learn architectural software with us.

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Revit Combo

Stay ahead with Revit by exploring and manipulating free forms, developing 3D from pre-drafted plans and drawings, learning massing and parametric modelling. This course takes you through how to make photorealistic renders and walkthroughs using Lumion by tweaking camera settings, changing the environment and populating the model with people and trees. It ends with lessons in Photoshop that help you polish your designs to make it more eye-catching.


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Sketchup Combo

This combo is one of our most sought after courses. The efficient workflow we teach can be used by students and professionals alike. The course takes a student from a beginner level to mastering complex plugins on SketchUp. Once the students have grasped this concept, they move on to Vray where they are taught material application, lighting, camera settings and other details. By the end of the course, one would be able to make striking photorealistic renders, that are enhanced and tweaked on photoshop. 

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3dsmax Combo

Demonstrating complex structures, working with parametric, getting natural shapes, bended math, monotonous examples and significantly more.

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Rhino Combo

Demonstrating freeforms, investigating structures – with pre drafted plans/draws. Delivering the model to make it satisfactory and offer life to the model drawing out the best. Also, finnaly polish off with after creation on photoshop and forming something very similar on sheets.

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