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Learn Rhino + Grasshopper Limited seats. First come first serve basis.

🤔 For whom is this course ?

This course is designed for any beginner wanting to learn parametric design using Rhino and Grasshopper. If you are ,

✔️ An architecture, interior design or civil engineering student wanting to work with complex geometry,

✔️ A practising architect, designer or civil engineer working in a firm or running your own, wanting to explore new ways of designing,

✔️ A designer who wants to become an expert in parametricism,

✔️ Anyone hoping to explore a new career path,

🎯 Then this course is the one for you.

🧐 What would you be learning ?

A well designed 22 day course that takes you from the basics to helping you develop your own efficient workflow. You will learn:

✔️ Conceptual form making,

✔️ Understanding surfaces, polysurfaces and meshing,

✔️ Material applications,

✔️ Parametric, computational and logic based modelling,

✔️ Digital fabrication drawing sets.

🤷‍♀️ What you gain ?

By the end of the course you would be able to,

✔️ Have a clearcut and efficient workflow,

✔️ Learn parametric design,

✔️ Create conceptual and detailed models,

✔️ Be easily employed for your skills at scripting and modelling complex geometry,

✔️ Start a new career in parametricism.


Our Rhino tutor, Ayushi’s an architect with extensive tutoring experience with a passion for parametricism and graphic design.

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